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Major Update 6/1

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 11:02 pm
by Padishar
Update - Thursday June 1

* Decreased the Health penalty on attribute-boosting major runes from 50 to 35. Existing runes are unaffected.
* Improved chat in alliance battles so that players can see party messages from all members of their team.
* Updated the Zin Ku Corridor outpost so that it shows who currently has the Favor of the Gods.
* Added a Xunlai Agent to Zos Shivros Channel.
* Moved the Xunlai Agent in Jade Quarry [Luxon] to a more accessible location.
* Removed the Thief from the Imperial Isle guild battle.
* Updated the inventory of the weaponsmith in Maatu Keep.
* Updated art on the following creatures: Naga Wizard, Naga Raincaller, Naga Spellblade, Naga Witch, Naga Bone Collector, and Naga Sibyl.
* Fixed bugs and made improvements to the following quests: Stolen Eggs, Protect the Halcyon, Outcasts in the Quarry, Luxon Supply Lines, Song and Stone, Lambs to the Slaughter, Defend Denravi, Noble Intentions, and Hammer and Anvil.
* Fixed bugs in the following missions and explorable areas: Silent Surf and Riverside Province.
* Fixed a bug that occasionally caused quest markers and arrows to update incorrectly.
* Fixed some incorrect cinematic voiceovers.
* Fixed a bug that allowed players to drop items inadvertently while cinematics were playing.
* Fixed a bug that caused some players to disconnect with error 019.
* Added weapons to the Shiro and Jade Armor miniatures.

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2006 11:03 pm
by Padishar


* Shadow stepping no longer moves you farther than the radius of the radar.
* Soul Reaping now only gives half Energy from Spirits.
* Updated the Victory of Death path for all NPCs on all guild halls so that the NPCs now spread out at the flag stand.
* Adjusted the flag spawn locations on all guild halls to be equal distance from the flag stand.


* Way of the Empty Palm: reduced cast time to .25 seconds; reduced recharge time to 25 seconds.
* Locust's Fury: reduced cast time to 1 second.
* Siphon Strength: increased the damage reduction your target deals to 5..50.
* Palm Strike: reduced recharge time to 10 seconds; increased damage to 10..85.
* Enduring Toxin: reduced cast time to .25 seconds; increased health degeneration to 1..5.
* Crippling Dagger: reduced recharge time to 5 seconds.
* Heart of Shadow: increased healing amount to 10..115 Health.
* Mirrored Stance: reduced recharge time to 15 seconds.
* Unseen Fury: increased duration to 15..60 seconds.
* Golden Phoenix Strike: increased Energy cost to 10.
* Aura of Displacement: increased recharge time to 20 seconds.


* Stolen Speed: reduced casting time to 1 second; reduced recharge time to 3 seconds; corrected the wording on this skill.
* Arcane Languor: increased duration to 1..8 seconds.


* Glyph of Sacrifice: reduced the amount of time it recharges your next spell to 30 seconds.
* Ward against Harm: changed skill type to Ward Spell.


* Vigorous Spirit: increased heal per skill or attack to 5..20.
* Dwayna's Kiss: increased conditional heal to 10..35 Health.


* Furious Axe: increased adrenaline gained when blocked to 3.
* Auspicious Parry: increased recharge time to 2 seconds; decreased adrenaline gained to 1..4.
* Signet of Strength: the number of attacks now update when reapplying this skill.


* Archer Signet: the number of attacks now update when reapplying this skill.


* Doom: reduced recharge time to 8 seconds.
* Channeled Strike: reduced recharge time to 8 seconds.
* Essence Strike: increased the amount of Energy gained when in range of a Spirit to 1..8.
* Lamentation: reduced Energy cost to 5.
* Gaze from Beyond: fixed a bug that caused this skill to ignore armor.
* Ancestors' Rage: reduced casting time to .75 seconds.
* Splinter Weapon: reduced Energy cost to 5.
* Resilient Weapon: reduced casting time to 1 second.
* Vengeful Weapon: increased the amount of Health stolen when this skill is triggered to 15..60 Health.
* Soul Twisting: increased the recharge time to 15 seconds.