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WoW Mice & Mods

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2012 9:32 pm

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Thought I would make a quick thread on a couple of MMO mice I picked up recently and breakdown the plugins they have for WoW.

This has been my gaming mouse of choice since its debut in 2005.
Its comfortable, accurate and easy to use thumb buttons.
Only problem is... not enough buttons.
To date myself, my first pc (Tandy 1000 EX) didnt have a hard drive or a mouse... So I grew up using the keyboard.
And I still play to this day clicking keys as much as possible (as opposed to "screen" clicking).
I PVP ALOT and do not like taking my eyes off of my opponent to either find a button or click on the screen.
So I hotkey everything I can. Problem with that is MMO's often have more powers than I have keys.
I then create macro's to help and alt buttons to "shift" hotkey...
Even then I often still do not have enough, plus as a game ages, more powers come out and more and more... etc.

Since I am under utilizing my right hand with a mouse, I have decided to look in to mice with more than 2 alternate buttons.

I did try the latest "upgrade" from logitech (my preferred mouse vendor) but it only had 4 extra thumb buttons.
So I tried out the 2 mice below:

Cyborg MMO7
The most solidly built mouse I have ever used and the most EXPENSIVE.
13 programmable buttons which instantly become another 13 upon pressing the pinky "shift" button.

Naga Hex
Its small, comfortable and has 6 mechanical thumb buttons.
It also has, for no reason what so ever, a third finger rest, which adds to the time it takes to get used to the handling of it.

Honorable mention:
Naga Epic
Some cats at work have had a great deal of success using the Naga and the Naga Epic.
I personally do not like how all 12 thumb buttons are sooooooo close together and many are located too far back.
My thumb is entirely too fat and not double-jointed enough to use this mouse.

*More to follow, Will add more to this as I get time*

Re: WoW Mice & Mods

PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:45 pm

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Overall this is an excellent wireless/wired gaming mouse. Compared to the Mx518: It adds 2 extra thumb buttons (4 total), plus 3 new buttons to the top (7 total + Wheel).
All buttons are macro programmable with Logitech's software. Comes with a set of rechargeable batteries.
Decent Wireless range, the optional "wired" cord it comes with is waaaaaay too stiff/rigid. Which makes gaming while it is plugged in a bit cumbersome.

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