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Duper's application

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 2:36 pm
by Xenosteel
This is Duper's guild application, who is actually my older brother 2 years younger than Mooni, and also married. Anyhow, on with his choice of words:

Name: Duper

Class: Paladin

Current spec: Prot.

HP: 9k-11k un-buffed

2 Tanking sets :

1. un-crushable, 10k HP, 14K Armor, 200 spell dmg
2. 90% avoidance, 11k HP. 15.5K armor, 300 spell dmg

Healing: 1200+ healing and 100 mp/5

I would love to join your guild since most of my RL friends joined your guild, Xenosteel (gaius), Mooni, Mil (limitbreak), Monamy and Anoxi. I do mostly 5 men (heroics) and PVP (I have 2 arena epics, and 3 PVP epics).

If you need any more information you can always whisper me online ^^,


Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 5:32 pm
by lili
When did we ever request stats on the app? :P

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 11:18 pm
by Xenosteel
beats me, I specifically pointed him to the sticky's that offer guidelines to writing apps :weird:

edit: so.. he's not approved yet, right?

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2007 4:10 pm
by ScarletRahl
have him pm an officers thx