Little request to any of u US peeps

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Little request to any of u US peeps

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2004 7:59 am

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Forgive me for asking but would any of you peeps that live over in the US that have the NC2 beta be able to send Jaz a copy of the beta client on a disk or 2 perhaps? He's been wanting to play it and it would take him forever to download it, atm he's been stuck in NC1 with hardly anyone to play with whilst most others are already playing NC2 :(

btw he hasn't asked me to ask but i just thought i would, if any of you could do him that favour i'm sure he'd be more than grateful :D

I've done this already for Jude and Com but they live in the UK, so i was just wondering if anyone that lives in the US could do the same for Jaz :)
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