Discord - A new place for us to chat

Discord - A new place for us to chat

Posted by STR-MS on Monday, December 28 2015

Hey guys, if you haven't already seen on the forums or elsewhere, we now have our own Discord channel.

You may have heard of it already but if not; Discord is a free chat app designed specifically for gaming. It's very easy to use, doesn't require a guide to connect to or set up, supports both text & voice chat, multiple channels, embedding for videos, screenshots & links and you can connect to it quickly and easily via your browser, the desktop client (PC & Mac, with Linux to come) or even a free mobile app (for both iOS & Android) for use on the go too. It also supports a full chat log history, even for when you're not in there yourself. Joining the channel in the middle of a conversation? Just read up and see what was said before you logged in. Want to leave someone a message for when they next come online? Easy! Lots of other cool features to come as well.

If you fancy joining us on there, all you gotta do is click this link!

Happy Holidays!


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Another night of insomnia. Been in bed about 2 hrs, no sleep. Up again.

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Is this something that is going to be clipped on those Youtube Twitch Fails videos? :venaHmm:…

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8.5/11 on my arbitrary ratings scale. Good film! πŸ‘

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Watching Jackie Chan in The Foreigner. That film certainly hits the ground running!

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