Discord Update

Discord Update

Posted by STR-MS on Sunday, January 17 2016

Just a quick update to let you guys know that we now have a more convenient link to give to people when inviting them to our Discord channel.

If you're looking to invite someone into Discord, rather than generating an instant invite link for them (like which is set to not expire), you can simply give them This will redirect them to the exact same place, just with a link that is much easier to remember and pass out to people!

The Discord widget can also be found on our site via Community > Join us in Discord

Feel free to drop by!

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Oh yeah. That’s why I stopped playing games on the PC. Driver hell.

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Trying to get Minecraft working on Tommy’s computer. Trying harder than should be required.

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The art of Blade Runner 2049. Twitter Embedded Image

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Rather than the roughly-hewn chunks they resemble.

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