Twitter List Integration

Twitter List Integration

Posted by Anubis on Sunday, May 22 2016

As some of you may have noticed, our Social Media panel to the right of your screen has just changed a little bit!

We've been thinking for a while now that we'd like to draw in more of the content that we're all creating on Social Media to the website, and so we've decided to replace our existing Twitter feed (which fed directly from our official Twitter account) with a feed from a list of all our members instead!

Our hope is that this will help personalise the site a bit more, generate more content, and have the added bonus of giving everyone some publicity for their own brand of insanity ;)

If you're not on the list and would like to be, please drop us a line and we'll get you added!

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Wokstation @WokStation - 6h

(talking of not thinking straight, lets see if that 30degree laundry load survived my putting it on at 40. Oops.)

Wokstation retweeted

Stu. @dysondoc - 6h

Monday: Greg Tuesday: Ian Wednesday: Greg Thursday: Ian Friday: Greg Gregorian Calendar.

Wokstation @WokStation - 6h

I am bored right now. Really bored. I want to make something. I can barely think straight, soreness is turning to f……

Wokstation @WokStation - 6h

Because often I can't make, coz health. That doesn't stop the ideas, which just pile up like a mental scrapyard of……

Wokstation @WokStation - 7h

Today... Is a glum day. Last night I was hoping it would be a painkiller free day, and I was sore but ok until I hi……

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