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Congrats to Ava & NS (WoW:EU)
Posted by SSX-MS on Monday, July 18 2005

Congratulations go to Avator & Nightstone who became new moderators for the SSX guild yesterday evening.

Thanks to everyone that voted on the two forum polls, and to the people that put their trust in both of them by giving them this chance. I'm sure they won't let us down ;)

Upcoming Scholomance & Stratholme weekend (22nd-24th, WoW:EU)
Posted by SSX-MS on Monday, July 18 2005

Next weekend (22nd-24th) we're gonna try some SSX Scholo & Strath runs. Not sure which day we'll do which runs but we can decide that when the time comes.

There's some very nice drops in both places so if your interested in coming to Scholo/Strath either for loot or just to help other members of the guild get some of the items they're after (or even just to increase your rep with the Argent Dawn), then mail me ingame to put your name down. (Hellmasker)

Will aim for around 7:30ish like the runs we've been having the past few weekends have started at.

Hope to see lots of you sign up. :)

Bladefist Moderator Propositions
Posted by SSX-MS on Friday, July 15 2005

Two polls have been created in our WoW forum today, proposing to make Avator and Nightstone moderators for our Guild.

Both polls will last for 3 days so please start voting, if you do not support either Avator or Nightstone becoming a new Moderator please post and explain your reasons for voting so, you can also PM me if you do not wish to post your reason.

Avator poll
Nightstone poll

Patch 140 notes
Posted by SSX-MS on Wednesday, July 13 2005

A small patch has just been released by KK that includes a few bug fixes and changes, no new content.

View full pathnotes here

New SSX WoW site!
Posted by SSX-MS on Wednesday, July 13 2005

I have finally found the time to finish the work I started on making us a World of Warcraft guild site.

Here you can find information about our guild, conditions of joining, lists of our members/allies/blacklist. A page dedicated to World of Warcraft screenshots, and links to both our forums and other useful WoW sites.

Hope you like the new site, if you find any problems feel free to PM me on the forums. ;)

New World of Warcraft content patch 1.6 released
Posted by SSX-MS on Wednesday, July 13 2005

Blizzard have released the new 1.6 content patch, some of the highlights from this patch are:

- Blackwing Lair - The new high level raid dungeon, and home of Nefarian the dragon.
- The Darkmoon Faire traveling carnival
- New Battlegrounds Battlemasters
- And much more!

View entire patchnotes

Update on the new HUD
Posted by SSX-MS on Wednesday, July 13 2005

Quoted from Nid:

"The replacement HUD is not yet at a level that we feel we can release and even though it will be completed at some point there is no date set currently (we're concentrating on stability, performance, and a number of other low-level engine improvements right now)."

NC2 Planfile #3
Posted by SSX-MS on Wednesday, July 13 2005

A 3rd planfile has been released from KK, some highlights from the planfile are:

- New marketing plan due to start in August, this campaign uses the "No more Elves!" slogan. No more details are known about this campaign as of yet.
- KK's partnership with Alchemic Dream comes to an end.
- KK plan to change the only RP server (Pandore) into the new international PvP Server in the very near future.
- KK to focus on stability issues.
- New features will only be implemented if either the load for the programming department is manageable.
- Playershops will not be implemented anytime in the near future.
- Content department will continue to implement new quests and locations into the game.

View the discussion on Planfile #3
View the discussion on the No more elves campaign
View the discussion on Pandore being changed from the only RP server into a PVP server

Patch 138-139 Notes
Posted by SSX-MS on Wednesday, July 13 2005

New content added in path 138/139:

- Trophy System implemented
- Added Electric Vibes Club to Dome of York.
- Added Tiki Tornado Club to Dome of York.
- Added lots of unique graphical content for the new clubs.
- Added music for the new clubs.
- Added NPCs and missions for the new clubs.

Upcoming LBRS Weekend (WoW:EU)
Posted by SSX-MS on Tuesday, July 12 2005

Following the successful Dire Maul weekend that we've just had, Illandria is organising another weekend full of fun. This time it'll be a weekend in Lower Blackrock Spire (Friday 15th July - 17th July).

Hopefully we will manage to set the guild up with another keyholder or two for the Upper spire, or at least work our way towards that. As well as lots of cool drops along the way.

If you're lvl 58+ and interested, plz mail Illandria ingame and put your name down!

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