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@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - 1h

Looking forward to tonights live stream from #CitizenCon. Should be in for a great night if gamescom was anything to go by #StarCitizen

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - 1h

@wills1980 @thexfilesfox Ohh!, I hadn't seen this! Thanks so much for the heads-up, man. I'll definitely be pre-ordering that :D

@ShatteredStar97 retweeted - 19h

RT @DynamicNeighbor: We're counting hours now! We need your support on Monday! #Kickstarter #Neighborgame #indiedev #gaming #gamedev http:/…

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Oct 8

ANR-K Birthday Fleet - We want to die!: http://t.co/GL2HtwFxvz

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Oct 7

Time to pre-load the Battlefront beta I guess. https://t.co/hdlSCbDtVJ

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