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RT @RobertsSpaceInd: The MISC Hull series. Five ships, one stellar concept sale. Available now! https://t.co/TdgZp1tTjg http://t.co/dfiCBX8…

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - 8h

I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/TZ1Of2HstA Errant Signal - GTAV

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Apr 24

SSC-BlackDove Does Some Average and Awful Races on Old Vanderval http://t.co/gkNCa1qZjy

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Apr 23

Wow. The Mad Max game actually looks pretty awesome! https://t.co/2bVxkSeTwK via @YouTube

@ShatteredStar97 retweeted - Apr 23

RT @VG247: #BatmanArkhamKnight minimum, recommended, and ultra PC specs revealed http://t.co/MSSIvTMebe http://t.co/LNFlFdeeSj

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