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@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Apr 29

Now THAT is how you do a finale! Bravo to everyone involved in S3 of #LineOfDuty. So happy to hear confirmation of a 4th at the end <3

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Apr 28

@DELTA_68 Thanks! Fleetwood Mac were bloody brilliant, it's nice to have some video mementos from gigs like that especially.

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Apr 28

@DELTA_68 Quite a bit actually! https://t.co/VuujwQF50M

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Apr 28

@DELTA_68 Aye, incredible. Best person I've seen live if I'm honest. Lifelong Beatles fan so he's going to be hard to top methinks!

@ShatteredStar97 tweeted - Apr 28

@DELTA_68 Yep! Paul McCartney was the big 1 on my list who I got to see last May. Need to go again though cos I still can't believe I did 😱😆

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