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RT @Dtoid: Give $6 to help kids, get into the Rainbow Six Siege closed beta http://t.co/2hWun9ivAv http://t.co/51iI4yTbtL

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We're just 100K away from passing Torment and becoming the 2nd most funded game on Kickstarter. Well done guys! Let's get #1! #SaveShenmue

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#YouAskYu @yu_suzuki_jp Can we expect any Kickstarter add-ons which we can add on top of our existing pledge level & rewards? #SaveShenmue

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#YouAskYu @yu_suzuki_jp Have you managed to reach out to SEGA in regards to HD remasters of 1 & 2? Is there any hope there? ^^ #SaveShenmue

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@NeoGAF How nice of them :(

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