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Guild of Makers @GuildOfMakers - 1h

Storify for tonight's #MakersHour is up - enjoy! Whew, there were a lot of tweets!…

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Snappy @HappySadCross - 2h

@WokStation @RasPiTV @Maker_of_Things @DrLucyRogers Thank you. I'm a bit of a nerd, so I do lots of stuff like that.

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Alfred Chow @Maker_of_Things - 2h

@HappySadCross @WokStation @RasPiTV @DrLucyRogers Ahhh, lino cuts. I've had a go at that. Just gave a load to stuff…

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Snappy @HappySadCross - 2h

@WokStation @RasPiTV @Maker_of_Things @DrLucyRogers Twitter Embedded Image

Wokstation @WokStation - 2h

@jorgianfloren @netflix so it is! *makes note to prod you in future Netflix downtimes*

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